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8 September 2009


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Wow how the holiday weekend flew by~!

B-Protien shake made with water (110 calories)


L- Small turkey patty (?)


D - Protien Meal Replacment Bar and a peach.

S- Mixed Nuts....going to have to get them out of the house. I cant seem to pass them up..I ate about two handfulls.

Water - 24 ozs

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B- Coffee and Mango and Rasberry smoothie made with 1% milk, fresh-frozen berries only.

S- Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and Starbuck BIscotti

L- Sandwich meat (chicken breast and lean hot capicola) with a few pretzels and small veg plate

D- grilled salmon, wild rice, and peas ( only about 4 bites cause rice started to get me stuck)

CHEAT- 9 squares of cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bar.....and I don't even like chocolate but had a bad craving for it all of a sudden. Strange. Still lost two pounds over night!

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This was a terrible day!!! Work was non stop chaos - that is what I get for taking a 5 day weekend I guess! <_<

B: Jello pudding pack and 5 crackers

L: Cheese stick and homestyle chicken noodle soup (drained the broth)

D: One cheese enchilada (1/2 of it) one hard taco (1/2 of it) and a few bites of refried beans. I also ate damn chips and cheese! How sad am I!? Didn't even make it past one day of my new goal for myself. Boo! But i'm back on track and gonna try to stick to it now.

S: Two glasses of vodka and cran-pomegranite juice

Calories: 700

Exercise - none i'm sore still from my weekend workouts so took a day off

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