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9 September 2009


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B - Coffee with cream 100 cals

S - 5 starburst candies 50 cals

L - 1 cup grilled chicken breast with salsa 200 cals

S - 4 cookies :o 300 cals :ph34r: cookie ninja!

Carb cycling....grrr darn holiday got me off track, now I have to break the cycle! Junk Junk Junkity Junk.

Snickers candy bar.......WTF!

D - Protein shake

S - protien detour bar.


2 - 20 oz

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Today is the UGLY! I am being honest. Goodness honesty hurts.

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B: none - busy at work and forgot

L: spaghettios - about 1/2 cup

S: one bite sized candy bar (bad!!!)

L: Tuna and carrots

D: Thin crust cheese pizza

Calories so far - 850

Exercise - no running lots of rain

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Must be a FULL MOON...LOL

B-Protien Shake

L- Turkey Patty and 1/2 cup cottage cheese


D-3 oz Pork Tenderloin Very thin cut with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of pinto Beans

40 oz of water...Much better, that is good for me!

B- coffee with milk and Kozy Shack Ready Grains cereal

L- 4 slices hot lean capicola and 3 whole grain crackers

D- 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 cup (or more) grilled peppers and onions

treat- 3 tsp home-made blackberry crumble with non-fat cool whip

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