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12 September 2009


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B: soy latte 100 cals

S: 1/2 c cottage cheese w/3 almonds chopped and 1/3 c blueberries 160 clas

L: Chick-fil-a strips... 1 1/2 with 3tbs hummus 255cals

S: Iced chai tea latte 100 cals

15 good n plenty... 65 cals * I would have eaten the whole box before!

total cals so far... 680


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SO SO SO hungry today....needed to graze to keep the rumbling at bay (TOM tomorrow???)

B- coffee with 1% milk and a half cup of light cottage cheese cup ( 100 cals)

S- Quaker chewy strawberry yogurt granola bar (150 cals)

L- huge bowl of Squash, carrot and curry soup with 2 slices of deli garlic roast beef (200 cals)

S- cheese string (80 cals)

D- went out with friends and had two bloody mary's and 4 stuffed mushroom caps (240 cals in drinks and 400??? in mushroom caps)

Total 1170 cals plus Four bottles of water but no exercise- back to the gym Monday!

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B: None, was at work until midnight so I slept in a bit

L: Mac and Cheese

S: Tested my dip I made for the open house!

D: So hard to count was a very bad grazer tonight - chips and dip, little smokies, and shrimp

S: A few glasses of white wine

S: Mac and cheese (bad and ate it when I got home...too many cocktails! :mellow: )

Exercise: ran just under 4 miles

Calories: No idea too hard to calculate this one!

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