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Advice on how to treat a good fill

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Well it has been 9 months since I've been banded.

Very slow progress but I finally think I have gotten a

fill that will work! I have a 4cc band and I am very close to being filled

to 4cc. Have not had the great restriction everyone

talks about so I am hoping this will be it!

With that said, can you please share a normal days

food choices and amounts.

I am a bit scared of abusing this fill, in June was my

last one it was way to tight, had to go for a slight unfil

I was able to lose weight that week that I was tight

and then nothing more! So I know my weight

loss will depend on a good fill, I have lost 25 lbs

since surgery,not a whole lot in 9 months.

I hope to see a nice steady drop I have 40 lbs

to go.

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I hope this is the fill for you! It's all about a good fill for me. Believe me, if I can eat without feeling restriction, I DO!!! When I was unfilled for three weeks this summer, I gained 9 pounds! I only have 2 ccs now but I don't want to get too tight again so I'm trying really hard to make this one work for me. I eat three small meals per day (using my kids plates) and I have been PMS'ing for the past few days so I've been having a small treat every day too but shouldn't be.

You will be shocked how little you need to eat with a good fill- a few tablespoons of food is often enough. Of course, I would think "I don't want to waste it" or "that can't possibly be enough food" etc and take one bite too many and ended up pb'ing and then I got so swollen from PB'ing too much that I needed the dreaded unfill. Just STOP when you start feeling full- even if it's only a couple bites. And during this active weight loss period, make sure you are taking vitamins and maybe even put some protein powder in your coffee cause you won't be able to eat much.


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I've never had that eat a few bites and your full feeling. I can't eat nearly what I used to, but i'm definitely not there.

In terms of food, go under food and drink and you will see many of us log our meals each day. It is helpful to see what others are having.

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