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Fills and Follow-ups in KY

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I will be banded on Oct 6th. Obviously I have put much thought into this surgery and my aftercare, but I am having some concerns about fills. Actually, I'm freaking out...I am located near Fort Knox, KY and would love some advice on fill doctors in my area. I don't think I will be able to the $1000 in expenses for the first return trip to Dr. Ortiz so I am looking for other options. Fill center usa wants $650 for the initial fill. I know my initial fill should be under fluoroscopy, but $650 seems so high. There are several Bariatric centers and hospitals in the Louisville area and I would like to know if anyone banded by Dr. Ortiz has been to one of these and how much a fill under fluoroscopy cost. I will obviously be calling around tomorrow, but thought maybe someone could help me out with their own experience. Thanks!!

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My sister is going some place near Orlando on Monday and it was not $600 with fluoro that sounds really high. I thimk she said $400 the first time. Good luck

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