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sept 15/09


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B- Coffee then Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts

L- Home-made veggie soup with carrots, onions, celerey, green beans, corn and sweet potatos in a non-fat tomato broth, YUM!

S- bag of Smart Pop

D- More of my soup and half a pear

S- Skinny Cow mint ice cream dipper

Drank four bottles of water and walked/ran an hour on treadmill!!!

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Playing catch up - could anyone else not get in here for about 36 hours?? I was worried I got booted! :D

Terrible day, but here we go anyway!

B: Soup at hand chicken noodle - was around 10am not sure if that counts as breakfast! :)

L: Tuna packet and animal crackers

S: Tortillia chips

D: Buffalo chicken dip and chips - was gonna eat more but got stuck

Calories: 500

Exercise: Ran 4.1 miles - my first race on Saturday gotta get ready!

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Yeah Shelby... seems the server has been having difficulties... I have had the same issues.

B: Soy Latte - 1 cup vanilla soy milk and 2 splenda - 100 cals

S: Blueberry almond oatmeal - yummy from Target - 160cals

L: 1 hard boiled egg - 100 cals

2 T hummus 70 cals

5 pita crackers 67 cals

cals so far ... 500

Valleygirl... your soup sounds yummy!

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