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sunday sept 20


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Weeknds are hard for me `cause I get up for work at 3am and then don't go to bed until about ten, making my waking hours longer than normal (up for 19 hours straight) and my eating times more frequent and out of whack! I usually try to put off breakfast for a few hours but I was light-headed this morning and made myself eat at 4 which is why I'm having lunch now at 8am, lol!!!

B- (4am) coffee with fat-free fench vanilla creamer and a small pear ( i can even eat the skin with this small fill!) 110 cals/ 0 fat/2g protein

L- (8am) Tim Hortons potato soup and a crusty dinner roll (I musn't be very restricted if I can not only eat in the morning, but I can eat BREAD!). 360 cals/13 grams fat/10 grams protein

S- (10:30) V-8 drink 30 cals/0 fat/1 protein

D- half can of sockeye salmon with teaspoon mayo, salt and pepper 190 cals/ 10 grams fat/21 grams protein (didn't have room for veggies I prepared...will try to eat later)

Daily total.....690 cals/23 grams fat/34 grams protein

****Note- Tim Hortons is the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts and they send us a box of donuts every Sat/Sun of which I NEVER touch!********

I really like writing my choices down and am going to try to look up nutrition info on everything BEFORE it goes in my mouth.

Aiming for 1000 calories per day, max 30 grams of fat, and 50 grams protein. I'm not sure I can LOSE weight on 1000 cals (800 is usually my magic number) but I'm upping it because I am working out now.


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