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22 September 2009


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B: Protein shake - spilt the majority of it on the way to work, but marking it down anyway. <_<

L: Soup at hand vegetable beef with cheese and crackers

S: Snack sized candy bar (booo!)

D: 1/2 cheese enchilada, about 4 bites of beans, and about 5 chips and cheese dip

Calories so far: 600

Started on samples of juice plus from my friend today i'll let you know what I think. I tried the gummies today and they are soooo good! Gonna do some chocolate chewables tomorrow - not sure they sound good, but i'll see.

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L- Can of Tuna Dry a Peach and a Plum


D-Taco Soup - made with Ground Turkey YUMM... I would say about 2 good cups, guess I should have measured, I ate alot.....

Water - 40 oz....+ 12 with Protien shake....

Exercise = Ran stairs at work (14 steps) for 5 mins...Thought I was going to pass out...

Exercise - Did 30 min of Plyo with Hubby

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