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Forwarding a note from Fill Centers USA www.fillcentersusa.com - pass it along :)

Training Updates!

We have recently had our Cincinnati OH, and Abbeville AL locations open up after successful trainings. Please let your patients know that those locations are past training stages and are accepting regular appointments for gastric band aftercare.

For initial consultations we have reduced the fee for a savings of $150 off our regular Initial consultation fee. For our Follow-up Visit with Band Adjustment we reduce the fee for a savings of $30 off our regular Follow-up with fill fee.

During these tough economic times it may be necessary for your patients to save as much cash as possible, and this could help them receive their much needed post-op care without damaging the pocketbook.

Below you will find the most up to date list of upcoming trainings. Please note that we are in danger of cancelling two trainings due to low patient interest, so if you have patients in these areas, please make sure they are aware of the potential locations and direct them to our toll free number. 866-345-5872.


· 10-17-09 Niagara Falls, NY – In jeopardy of being cancelled unless more appointments are made – NEED YOUR HELP

· 10-17-09 Clinton, IA - Could In jeopardy of being cancelled unless more appointments are made – NEED YOUR HELP


· 11-07-09 Phoenix, AZ

· 11-21-09 Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for your assistance in helping us grow our network. Please remember that our success is your success.


Fill Centers USA: Improving the future of health, One fill at a time...

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Are the discounts ONLY for those new locations listed?? or is that for anywhere? I just made my first appointment today and it is soooo expensive.

I also found a surgeon that Dr. Ortiz trained in Atlnata, and he takes my insurance, so I may opt for that.

I would love to know!

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I was on the list for Niagra Falls but not enough people so it was cancelled.

Lucky to say I went to the TROY MICHIGAN location and I would highly recommend it.

It a plastic surgeon's office, so its very nice, the rooms are are large and the nurse was wonderful.

She took extra care to make sure she could find the port, and then she pricked me only once (yes, thats the way it should be but without an xray, its easier to miss. I told her I wanted an agressive fill so after some discussion on the dangers of being too full, she took out the amount I had in the band, and then added it back plus more. I now have 7.2 ccs in my 10cc band and I feel I am now on the way to faster weight loss. I have real restriction and I can tell I now have a pouch. The mystical "eat only about a 1/c cup of food at a time" statement now makes sense because thats the pouch size without being stretched.

They had me drink lots of cold water to make sure I could keep it down and asked me to stick around the area for an hour or 2 to make sure. I went shopping and felt all was well so went home.

Just wanted to mention this was a great experience. Oh, and I lost a pound yesterday too!


Karin g

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Hi Jessica

The discount mentioned for the Fill Centre is only on the ONE DAY, thats called the training day, where an experienced fill person visits the new location about to open, and trains the person at the new location. They try and attract a number of persons so they can do many fills on that day so the training is accommplished. Thats why there is a discount.

I am Canadian so we have no insurance on this, bummer. But, you get excellent cancer care and can have a free hip or knee replacement! I have been told we may be starting to offer lap bands and fills but its going to happen slowly and likely for the very morbidly obese only. So if you dont want to wait to get that far, you pay for it on your own.

Be aware, most docs try to fill your band very slowly, to make more money! Eventually aim for 70-75% of your band to be filled. This gets you the restriction most people are talking about as the sweet spot. You wont be able to each very much and so then, you will lose weight.

I just got to this spot and it appears to be working. Time will tell.

Karin G

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