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sept 26


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B- half cup lemon probiotic yogurt and rice-crispe square (which is surprisingly low in fat/ cals but high in sugar and other packaged food crap)

S- Cheese string and v8

D- went to wedding with open bar and did not drink so I could save calories for food!!! It was a Greek food buffet and I had a small plate with a sampling of everything!

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B: Cheese and crackers

L: Baked potato - was at a festival and that was the only thing not fried on a stick! Was loaded though.

D: Terrible! Did not eat dinner instead had a few glasses of wine.

Exercise: Walked all day at a fall festival

Calories so far: 700

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B- Oatmeal and banana

L- 1/2 of Side Salad from Cheddersand ate off my Sons and hubbys plate.....Chicken friend steak, ate about two bits, meat text was hard to swallow. Some beans and Rice and about four peices of steak. It was my sons b-day so I shared Half a cookie monster from there.....BAD BAD BAD....Homemaid Choc chip cookie in skillet with Ice Cream on top with choc syrup drizzled......


D-Mexican food......Hubby and I have got to find something else to do on date night...lol I ate chips and dip, not alot and usually I do....About 4 strips of beaf fajita meat and two shrimp, about 1/4 of the rice and beans, was pretty big plate.

Started out good and went down hill from there.....lol


Did do 30 mins of Kemp with hubby last night

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