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29 September 2009


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B - scrambled egg

Coffee with ff cream

L - talipa and some salad

Chewed like heck, but PB'd

S - pudding cup

D - low main & insides of a egg roll / got stuck not a good choice.

Protein drink since the chinese didn't work.

vita rain x 2 20 oz

P.S. having one of those I want to eat everything days....

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b- slice WW toast w/peach butter , 2 slices of bacon

l- tomato/feta/cucmber salad

d- *chicken on tap* -but not sure how prepared w/some veggie

s- *if hungry* yoplait carmel delight w/fresh berries

Your menu sounds yummo! I read the tomato/feta/cucmber salad and went hmm that sounds really good.


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B: None, i'm home sick today so slept in

L: About 3 bites of a hard taco, 3 bites of a cheese enchilada and about 5 chips and salsa. One nice thing about being sick is it tightens me up!

D: Chicken fetuchini alfredo

Calories so far: 400

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I was thinking the same thing, Peach Butter....YUMMMM!


it FEELS like cheating, it's so good w/20 cals per 2tbsp.

so i did a stint in culinary school and play in my kitchen WAY too long:) and sometimes it works - sometimes not......LOL

probably should have completed the program:)

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