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30 Sept. 2009


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B - Greek yogurt 140 cals 14 g protein

Oatmeal 120 cals 4 g protein

Coffee w ff creamer 80 cals

Cals 340

Protein 18 g

Black bean patty 210 cals 20 g protein

Happy to say I ate lunch with no "issues" I was worried after lunch and dinner "issues" yesterday.

I think it will be A-OK!

S 3 cheese crackers

D low main

Bowl of cereal

Protein bar

Felt like eating......so as you can see I DID! UGH!

Total Cals 550

Total Pro 38 g

Vita Rain 2 - 20 oz

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B- Starbucks Frap,

S- Starbucks Pumpkin Scone

L-Chicken salad kit 2oz with 5 wheat crackers

D- 1/2 grape fruit ....Worked 12+ hours for end of month, so did not have time to eat ....

Water was HORRIBLE yesterday, was just too busy.........maybe 12 ozs


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