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Old habits die hard!

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So, I had eaten dinner already that I had leftover from lunch (1/2 cup rice and 3/4 chicken) when my daughter and fiance wanted to get something to eat. So, we went to Macaroni Grill and I swore I wouldn't get anything to eat but a little dessert. I was good and didn't eat any of the bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but boy when my daughter was served her entree (penne pasta w/shrimp and chicken in parmesa sauce), I just had to have a "taste". Well, needless to say,that little taste turned into like 1/3 cup it seemed like and then I had a couple bites of lemon cake after and I tell you guys, I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO BURST! I felt my band protruding and had never experienced that before. I am so happy that I have more restriction at this point, none of that Pb'ing stuff or sliming yet but I can feel I guess what's called the "soft stop". I can feel tightness is my chest and like a feeling of food being stuck when I have had enough food. I have lost 2lbs. since my fill last saturday by listening to my body and yay, I am at 159! It seemed like the scale didn't move for weeks!

Also, I don't know if it's because I have to chew like a 100 times before I swallow my food and wait 45 min. intervals to drink anything, but food just seems to so much less appealing now. Does anyone else feel like this?

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