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October 25th Food log


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B: Leftover pasta

L: 1 pc of supreme pizza - somehow I could eat that today no idea how, but only had a bit which is good

S: a handful of popcorn and once fun sized chocolate - is halloween over yet? ^_^

D: Chicken, green beans and mac and cheese

S: One glass of wine

Getting a little more back to normal and not nearly as tight as I was before which is good. Might try to reschedule my 1 year check up on my band for next week. It was supposed to be for tomorrow but I cancelled b/c I was so tight w/ the stress. Hopeful to get back on track w/ my eating ASAP! My goal is to lose 10lbs by new years so I need to get my rear in gear.

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Still pretty tight, but seems to be getting a little better

B- 1/2 of my oatmeal


L-My new yogurt I found with almonds (no fat, no sugar, no nothing but 8 calories per serving)


D- Two bits of grilled Porkchop, 1/2 of a 1/2 of small sweet potatoe and 2 tablespoons of green beans

Walked 4 miles today with Hubby....YEAHHH...Ate 1/2 peach after our walk....

Water 20 oz

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Is it usual to feel tight if you are under stress? If so why is that? Can you answer me?


I am not sure why that happens, but most everyone has their band tighten up when they are stressed. It is one of those funny quirks of the band I guess. I might have to do some searching around and find out why. I thought the tightness was over, but no such luck! I am super tight again today! :( So i'm taking it easy.

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