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31 October 2009


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I hope you all have had a fantastic day! I had to work most of the day, but have managed to eat very little candy which is good! This seems to be the start of the "gaining season" - Halloween through New Years. So i'm making a real effort to stick to the plan. Last year this time I was still on my 21 days of liquids but then started solids just before Thanksgiving so it was tough, but I did great, so NO reason I can't do it again this year.

B: None, dad did went to the hospital early w/ my bro so I could sleep in a bit

S: Chips and cheese

L: 1/2 hamburger patty and about 10 french fries (burger king)

D: Alfredo pasta (about 1 cup)

S: Halloween candy - only did one reeces pb cup (small one) and one butterscotch candy, so not too bad!

S: Vodka and cranberry (2)

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