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barium emptying too slow

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Just wondering if anyone has experienced the barium emptying too slow from esophagas via floro

If so, what causes this?

I do not have any reflux or burning ...... jst slow emptying resulting in no fill #3.

Advised to take pepto to sooth the esophagas and revisit next month.

thank you for your help.


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The speed of the barium going thru the band is how they determine if you have good restriction or not. If yours is emptying too slow you may have a little too much restriction, for which my doctor would have removed a little bit. If it is just that you think it is emptying too slow and are upset that you did not get a fill then you probably have a perfect amount of restriction for right now. Just continue to work the band and he weight will come off. Slow and steady wins the race!

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