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I just got back from a 15 day cruise we went through the Panama Canal I was so worried about

All the food on the ship and in ports would there be choice that will be good for me.

I have to say yes there was a lot of good food I said to my Husband I don’t think they

Had all this on the last cruise we went on and He remained me that was not the food

I was looking for at that time in my life (LOL) The last cruise I gained at 10pounds :o , This

Cruise I lost 3 pounds :rolleyes: . What a different way of life I live now . I never know ships have a gym

And a nice one at that I spent every morning in there. Just had to share that we can still vacation

and lose weight thats hard for me to believe but its true :D

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How fantastic is that...congrats!!!!!! So glad you were able to have a fantastic time, but still lose weight!

I want to go on a cruise sooo bad. Hopefully someday!

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