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No Worries for the Newbies! Banded today!

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I am sitting here on my bed at the Lucerna in TJ after a great experience today at the OCC. Everyone here has been sooo awesome. We arrived late last night and Francisco brought us to the hotel, which is beautiful by the way! Then bright and early this Fernando(who is extremely fun and helpful) to us to the clinic. I was the first one there and Melissa got me rolling on my preop testing.. the other nurses and her went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable and my hubby also. I met Dr Jimenez and the sweet Dr Miranda for their preop tests. Dr Martinez spent about 20 minutes with me before the surgery and then I was on my way to be the first surgery of the day! It went very fast... I was out of surgery by 930. I met and spoke with Dr Ortiz for a few minutes but I was still very groggy. Shortly after, I was up and walking around.... almost no pain... just sore. So I came back to the hotel and I am feeling pretty good.. just making sure that I get up and walk around quite often!!

I had my first dinner of chicken broth tonight and I am feeling totally satisfied. I am hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to do some sight seeing and shopping!

Just thought I would share my experience of entering Bandland... it was awesome here just as everyone else had given me the assurance of.

Hopefully I can return the favor and put someones mind at ease also.... it was a breeze!!!! :D

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Awesome i'm so glad to hear it went well! But when people post that it was a breeze i'm never surprised - it always is!! :D

Congrats and welcome to the other side!!

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I hate to say I told you so!! hahaha!! I'm so glad your surgery went well! Isn't it weird how you know you had surgery, but it doesn't really seem like it - other than being sore!!

After about 2 weeks my soreness went away completely!! I was still a little teeny tiny bit sore in the port area, but I had to move a certain way to feel the soreness!!

Yay for you! Now I have my first fill to look forward to and report on of course!!! :)

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