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Can a Cruise & The Lap Band Work?

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Hi All,

My band procedure is 12/29 (Happy New Year to me!) and I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on what my two upcoming cruises in March and July will be like, regarding the band and the insane eating that cruise ships always promote.

I have heard that bread will be a distant memory w/ the band, so I'm OK w/ that. I assume pasta will be long gone, too. If anyone has taken a cruise and has thoughts on how to make the most of this high food experience, I would love to hear them.

Ahoy Maties!

Angie in San Diego :)

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I was banded on July 31st and left for my cruise Sept 11th. I'm going on another cruise in January. The cruise was not a problem at all. I did all activities, including ziplining through the forest and underwater adventures (up to 12 feet). I felt great. I did not have a fill when I left so I ate what I wanted, just tried not to stuff myself. I ate 3 meals a day (at least). I gained 3 lbs during my 8 days and lost it within 2 days of being home. Hope this helps because I was also concerned about leaving the country, going underwater, being on a ship, etc.

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