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Green Beans with Onioins and Bacon


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I just had to post this, I found the recipe that I cooked yesterday and I will not cook Green Beans the same EVER again! I made it Very low Cal and YUMMY!! WOW are these good!

NEW fav in my casa!

1 large can of Green Beans ( I used the French Sytle)

4 Slices of Bacon (I used Turkey Bacon)

1 Med Onion chopped

3 Tbl Spoon Splenda

In a skillet you Saute Onions chopped onions on Med Heat until Bacon is done, kinda crispy...Add Green Beans (I did drain a little off) and the splenda, cook on med for about 20 mins and then simmer another 10 mins or so. The longer you let them simmer, the better they are.

Let me know what ya think ;)


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