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It's too early for green bean caserole

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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((Hugs Everyone)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yesterday was Thanksgiving part deux. On Thanksgiving I did amazing. I felt great all night long and although I never felt satisfied, I didn't feel sick either, which is great and I didn't get up for seconds, which is even better. But as I mentioned, yesterday was Thanksgiving part deax. Same song different verse, different menu. This menu had brisket and green bean caserole. Yep...I couldn't stay away from the green bean caserole. I couldn't chew the brisket, other wise that would have been a problem as well. I was so into the green bean casserole that even after my friend had packed up the food and put it away, I went back into her fridge, opened the contained and had more.

Then when I got back to the hotel, I pulled it out again and again and again. (Which sounds like a lot but it was only about 2 cups total.)

So I dreamt about the green bean caserole all night long. (It was that good...green beans were prepared with garlic. Water chestnuts were used in the recipe as well.) I got up, fixed myself about a half a cup. Thought I'd relax in bed and enjoy. Ah...nope. Within two small bites I was in the bathroom pbing. Three times total.

My husband had this concerned look on his face and I just told him the band was doing what it was supposed to do. I haven't pb'd in quite awhile.

Each day I'm learning more about my band and what I can do and what I can't. I used to crave and miss bread and steak but I'm kind of over it now. I've learned quite a bit and to be honest, I really am learning how to be satisfied with the choices I'm given.

I just started to log every bite, lick and taste so I know my motivation has kicked in and I'm on the road to success. Also, the last weigh I had it showed just 2 lbs up from my lowest weight since prior to my mother's death which lead to the weight gain which lead to the band. Up until now, I honestly felt I was moving in reverse. For my next trick, I'd like to get down to my lowest weight in 6 years, which is 205. I don't care when right now...just sometime in the not so merky future.

Love to all.

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Robbyn! You look radiant! I know what you are talkign about with the green bean casserole. Ours is gone, thank heavens. This year I made the yummiest mash potatoes. I used garlic and ff cream and butter....oh my did they turn out nice. Topped with gravy and ugh....if you see my food log, one day I had mash taters gravy and green bean casserole......

I am not letting that get to me though cuz I really enjoyed the holiday. Didn't over eat, and enjoyed all the food. Even stuffing, which I was leary about. I missed my rolls. One of my favs is a turkey sand on a roll with mayo after and this year I didn't do it. I was amazed that the stuffign gave me no complaints, and I even had a bite of three of a chicken sandwich that I made my son. Bread not toasted and again no issues with it. I've been afraid to eat the bread......Not long ago I tried the mini appitizer bread and bam! 2 bites and to the sink I went. I guess it is good that our bands keeps us in line.

Over all, this is a huge learning curve for most of us, good thing we can come here and talk it out! I love your sharing Robbyn and have really missed you. I miss Dana too. She doesn't post near like she use to....

Anyway, I wanted to finish off with saying my weight went up a titch.....not bad considering all I have enjoyed the past few days. This morning the scale said 237 even ......I will take that and get back on the bandwagon again! So greatful I have the band.....Oh my am I ever!

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Ohhh green bean casserole how I love thee!! Thankfully nobody made it this year, but there was cheesy potato casserole I had to deal with. Since my unfill I can eat anything and did have a roll but really tried to be good.

You know though, I guarantee you all that we all ate wayyy less than we would have before! I know I would eat until I was sick and this year I felt like I ate too much, but when I look back it really wasn't that terrible. We will see on Wed when I weigh in, but I don't think I did too bad.

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I just LOVE your post! I think you did GREAT!!!! I wished I could say the only thing I ate bad at Thanksgiving was 2 cups of green bean caserole..lol...lets add about 2 pieces of apple pie, a peice of chocolate pie, pecan pie....TRUST ME the list goes on and on!!! My mom even called me the next day to make sure I was "ok" because she said..."You sure did eat good"..LMAO! Yeah I had a REALLY bad day! I did not eat much "food food" I ate sweets ALL day!!! All I can do is kick my butt back in gear! I know I DID HORRIBLE but whats done is done and now I have to do better! You are doing WONDERFUL and you new pic is just AWESOME!!! You will get there and I cant wait to see that 205!!!!! ;)


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Part of the reason I chose to have the band was because I wanted to live a normal life. I didn't want to have to count calories and measure things forever. If I had been okay doing those things I would have done just fine on WW and kept the weight off.

I ate a little bit of everything that I wanted to eat on Thanksgiving including the rolls, noodles and stuffing. I just had to make sure that I paid attention to how well I chewed and that when my band said I was done that I was done - I never got that feeling which was fine because I pretty much cleaned my plate and didn't go back. Actually, the turkey was left on my plate because by the time I had eaten everything else it was cold and since I had already had some ham I just didn't worry about it. I did eat all of my slider foods first, but I have never been one to follow the proper order of protein first. I figure as long as I put no more than a cup of food on my plate at a time I can eat it in whatever order I want and if something happens to get stuck then that is my sign to stop eating everything.

The good news is that one day will not kill us as long as we do not allow it to totally get us off track. As I said earlier, I want to live a normal life and by golly I do, just with smaller portions of it.

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