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30 November 2009


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Happy Monday!!!! BLEH!!!!

I made all my food for the week and portioned it out, so i'm ready to tackle the week!!! I made a list of all the stuff too and already calculated the WW points. Sounds anal, but it makes me feel more in control. I get a fill this week - WOOO HOOO! Hopefully it will help.

B: Orowheat double fiber bread with ICBINB spray and low sugar jelly and cereal (dry)

points - 5

L: Pack of Carl Budding turkey w/ mustard, carrots and light ranch dressing and one hardboiled egg.

Points - 6

D: Cottage cheese, turkey slices, and macaroni salad. Decided I didn't want what I brought for dinner so I stopped at the grocery store deli.

Points - 8

S: Chips and dip

Points - 6

Calories so far: 1250

Points so far: 25

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B - greek yogurt with fresh strawberries

S - teddy grahams....

L - Corn and Grilled Chicken with SBR BBQ sauce....Love that sauce! Ugh!

Brought a afternoon snack of hummus and Califlower.... not sure if I will need it or not....don't want to be overly hungry and eat anything in site when I get home. Binge! Ugh! Plus I have been eating like crazy over the holiday and I want to be prepared for the mental weening off of sugar and foods I don't normally eat....Yikes! So that is my game plan. Gosh I want SUGAR right now!

D - Turkey enchiladas with Spinach wraps and FF refried beans

Count down to fill T minus 7 days and counting! LOL

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POINTS® Tracker entries

Monday, November 30, 2009


1 Tbsp Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer 1

1 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder 0

1 Tbsp sugar 1

1 serving(s) Slim Fast Strawberries N Cream Optima Shake 3

Subtotal 5


1/2 cup Indian Lentil Soup - Quick-added food 4

1 serving(s) Mishima Miso Soup Mix 1

Subtotal 5


2 cup(s) Creamy tomato 2.5

1 serving(s) Mishima Miso Soup Mix 1

Subtotal 3.5


1 serving(s) Lifeway Lowfat Peach Drinkable Kefir 3

Subtotal 3

Food POINTS values total used 16.5

Food POINTS values remaining 6.5

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First day back at work, very busy!

B- Oatmeal

S-Starbuck light w/Sugar Free Carmel Frap

L- 1/2 Cup Green beans with onions and bacon, 1 slice of cheese, a peice of Turkey


D-1 Slice of cheese, 3/4 cup Pinto Beans with Deer Meat and Rotelle w/5 crackers

Water 20 oz

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