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8 December 2009


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AM: No breakfast - boo! Was running late to work.

10:00am - snickerdoodle cookie

Points: 3

11:00am - Easy Mac with tuna mixed in it.

Points: 7

3:00pm - Chex Mix

Points: 2

6:30 - Chili w/ cheese

Points: 5

Calories so far: 950

Points so far: 17

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POINTS® Tracker entries

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


1 2/3 Tbsp Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer 1.5

1 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder 0

1 Tbsp sugar 1

1 serving(s) Fiber One Oats & Caramel Bar 2

Subtotal 4.5


1 serving(s) Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs and Noodles 6

1 large banana(s) 2

Subtotal 8


Taco Salad 5.5

Subtotal 5.5


No entries for this meal time.

Subtotal 0

Food POINTS values total used 18

Food POINTS values remaining 5

Approx Calories: 1000

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