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15 December 2009


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B: None, running late again. I can't seem to get my butt out of bed in time with this cold weather.

S: Sliced ham dipped in light miracle whip

Points: 4

L: More of my ham and a few bites of macaroni salad. With this last fill i'm struggling - I get full really fast, but it doesn't last long so i'm eating more mini meals.

Points: 3

D:Campbells chunky pot roast soup (drained the liquid and just ate the good stuff!)

Points - 3

S: My boss brought me a plate from the pot luck. Had two meatballs, two slices of chicken quesidillia and 1 chocolate cupcake. She loaded me with sweets but I just let myself have the one. Tried to be good! :)

Calories so far: 950

Points so far: 17

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2 chocolate covered almonds

1 starburst

coffee with ff cream

Mac'n cheese cup with 1/2 can of tuna

(could only eat 1/2 of it.) Got the hiccups - soft stop!

MN burch bark -

I'll be glad when I am not surrounded with goodies and chocolate! Yikes!

3 chocolate covered almonds

vw - 20 oz

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POINTS® Tracker entries

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


1 serving(s) Slim Fast Oatmeal Raisin Bar 5

1 Tbsp sugar 1

2 Tbsp Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer 1.5

1 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder 0

Subtotal 7.5


1 cup(s) Split Pea with Ham Soup 2

Subtotal 2


1 cup(s) Creamy tomato 1

1 stick(s) String cheese reduced fat mozzarella cheese made with 2% milk 2

Slim Jim Beef Stick 3

1 serving(s) Koyo Garlic Pepper Reduced Fat Ramen 3

Subtotal 9


1 serving(s) Mishima Miso Soup Mix 1

Subtotal 1

Food POINTS values total used 19.5

Food POINTS values remaining 3.5


30 min elliptical trainer, moderate intensity 2

Activity POINTS values earned 2

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