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Soft Stop Signals


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Soft stops signals our bodies give us. Learning to listen to the soft stops helps us achieve success and harmony with our bodies. Productive burbing is not fun and shouldn't be done if we can avoid it. If you have these signals stop eating. (You may even want to spit out the last bite of food.) With the lap band, one bit to many can equal a PB.

Shoulder ache


Eye twitch


Tightness in the chest

Phlegm in the back of your throat - feeling of needing to clear the thoat

Runny nose

If you have a soft stop that is not on this list, please post it. My soft stop more often than not is a case of the hiccups. If I hiccup, that instantly means I am finished with my meal. One more self endulgent bite for me can mean discomfort, or a PB.

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I too have the hiccup signal. Unfortunately I have tried one too many times to eat that extra bite. Not good. Thanks for the post Angie. It is such a great reminder to be more careful if we want this to work and to have less discomfort.

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