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30 December 2009


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Hey guys!

It seems like forever since I have logged my food! I have been a little discourage and need to bet back on track with everything so here it goes!!!!

B-Coffee, Oatmeal

S-100 snack pack of Almonds

L-Turkey sausage patty (3) with sweet baby rays



Water 20 oz so far of Cran-Water

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B: None, good ole vacation slept in!

L: Cheese soup and crabcakes

D: Macaroni and cheese

Exercise: Shoveled my driveway again for about an hour. Ugh i'm so tired of snow! And there is a layer of ice under it so it was a heck of a workout. Arms are like jello! Looked it up and it says that one hour of shoveling burns 500 calories...sweet!!

Calories so far: 900

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POINTS® Tracker entries

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


1 Tbsp English almond toffee 1

1 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder 0

1 Tbsp sugar 1

Subtotal 2


1 serving(s) Kraft Bagelfuls 3

6 item(s) tortilla chips 1.5

3/4 Taco Soup 1.5

Subtotal 6


1 cup(s) Low-Fat 2% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese 4.5

1 serving(s) Restaurant style minestrone soup 2

Subtotal 6.5


1 serving(s) Granny Goose Cheese Puffs 4

3 slice(s) deli-sliced turkey 1.5

1 Tbsp Light mayonnaise 1

1 slice(s) Singles American cheese slices 1

2 slice(s) San Remo genoa salami 1

1 serving(s) Sara Lee Delightful White Bread 1

1 tsp Yellow mustard 0

Subtotal 9.5

Food POINTS values total used 24

Food POINTS values remaining -1


30 min elliptical trainer, moderate intensity 2

Activity POINTS values earned 2

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