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Happy New Year. Jan 1 food log

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Breakfast : I started the year with my........you quessed it



Lunch: Sticking with what works for me..............


5 breton crackers


Dinner: Chicken caccitori


If it stops raining and storming I will walk to my favorite coffee spot and have a latte.

Hold fast to what one of other bandster pals said..............


We can do it. With a board like this and all the support we give and receive how can we possibly not succeed.

My New Years resolution is to drink more water, laugh more and reach my goal by my birthday on May 10th.

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for all your support. I already feel like a completely different person. People I have known for years actually walk by me and don't recognize me. It is absolutely hilarious when I say hi and they get this look of confusion on their face, like who the heck is this. All of a sudden it clicks on them who I am and I have had people literally scream out loud and hug me. Let me tell you reactions like that keep you motivated to keep going. I am having a ball with this new life of mine.

Okay got to run.

Love and hugs to you all. May God bless you above and beyond what you could have ever imagined in 2010.


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