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4 January 2010


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Sorry I went MIA for a while. I was off at one of my jobs since Xmas eve and I've been running all around since. Now i'm back at work full time and so I can get back in my routine. I wasn't too terrible over the holidays, but I think I didn't lose. We shall see on Wed.

B: Breakfast burrito

L: Campbells soup at hand tomato

S: Chex mix

S: Sliced turkey w/ mayo and applesauce

D: Taco salad

Calories so far: 1,100

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Coffee, 50 cal.

Carnation Liquid Creamer, 80 cal.

Sugar, 35 cal.

honey, 60 cal.

Quaker Oats Maple Brown Sugar Low Sugar Instant Oatmeal, 120 cal.

Raisins, 52 cal.


Eating Right BBQ Soy Crisps, 17 Crisps, 110 cal.

Progresso Split Pea Soup, 1 cup, 140 cal.

Kraft Mozerella String Cheese, 80 cal.


Taco Soup, 1 cup, 198 cal.

2 Medium Red Potatoes, 298 cal.

Calories Burned:

Elliptical Cross Trainer, 25 minutes, .81 mile, 149 heart rate = 311

Calories Consumed = 1223 Calories Remaining = 300

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