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Hi all I don't post often anymore but this has been a long time coming. I've been putting off posting an update trying to make my F%$&* goal! But it hasn't happened yet. Short version for those who don't know me: banded Sept '06; got pregnant July '07, was 250lbs had my daughter; now at 160... been around 160 for a YEAR!! ah! So annoying! Last Xmas 08 I had my band tightened up on me from stress and since then it's been up and down. I've had so many fills and unfills I can no longer remember them all. Right now I am at an OK level but not losing so it's hard to stay positive! I started a job in July (hadn't worked in 2 years) so that is new stress that I am coping with. I have been really trying the past week and lost 0lbs but I didn't lose hope for once! Usually I spiral down and just give up when I don't lose but not this time! I am fitting in some size 8's, mostly 10's. My goal is to be a small 8 and I have tons of pants that I WILL fit in to damn it! None of my family has known about my band, I've experienced it all over the past 3.5 years. I can say that if I never was banded I might be closer to 300lbs now so I will never regret it! I have a local fill doc through Fill Centers who I really like though they are blind fills so I think that's been part my tricky fill level problem. Oh and most of you probably don't know - I had a breast lift with augmentation last March and an extended TT last April which is why my tummy looks so flat in my last pic!! Best thing I ever did (besides banding). Anyway I am posting this to encourage myself to not give up again!!! What's crazy is that I was about 8lbs lighter than now and I got depressed! and started gaining. I think a huge issue with me is that if I meet my goal then what will I strive for? And second I don't know how to have a normal food relationship! I can gain and I can lose but I cannot just co-exist with food. So resolving those 2 issues are my focus now. I love to read everyone's posts and I don't often respond but I've been there and you all are doing great!





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You look awesome in your pictures! I think that a lot of us may have some food issues to get through, and that is all part of the journey. It looks to me like you have already lost so much and you should be PROUD of that, because you look amazing! Good luck on the rest, but remember that you do look good NOW, too!

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Hi Karen!

I am sorry that you have been so frustrated but I just wanted to say you look AMAZING! I know it does not make you feel any better about your goal, but you have been such a great inspiration to me and have came so far. You said it yourself, you would be 300lbs by now. You have had a baby and your weight is 160, I think that is great!

As far as the fills, I just had my first fill under floro this morning and I am SO glad that I did. Just to see for myself that everything is ok and yes I needed a fill. Maybe this is just what you need, go get it checked and see if you need a tweek.

I have an appointment on the 25th of this month for a PS consult. I am hoping for around April. I wanted to get these 30lbs off and maybe by then I will be closer. I had a friend of mine to tell me dont wait, even if I dont have the weight off by then, get it done. She said she feel SO much better and can exercise and wants to now. I am still up in the air about this.

Keep your head high and like someone told me, when you get frustarted go look back at your pics, WOW they are amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

Carrie ;)

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You look wonderful! Hear you on the food issues. I got nothing as far as figuring it out. Lisa has posted on here before about mixing it up a little. Like if you normally exercise in the morning, try the afternoon or evening. If you are eating most of your calories at dinnertime, eat a larger lunch and lighter supper, that sort of thing. Maybe you could just give your metabolism a good talking to--haha. (From your pictures you look just perfect :) Maybe you are really at your goal.)

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