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Learning how to eat

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That would be so great if we could have chats. I am three months and I feel like the only support I have is on the computer. They have a support group in northern Ohio about two hours north of me but nothing local. After this first fill I am back to square one. I thought I knew what it was like to be banded but I didn't know anything until I got this fill. I feel like this is a new learning experience now. I never know if anything is going to go or not or what to try to eat. Last night I ordered some Italian wedding soup. It was so good and I was starving but about three bites I had to run to the restroom. When I went back I could eat and did pretty well then. The same happened today with lunch. I don't feel I am to tight because I can drink as much as I want in between. Most meals I can eat fine but I just never know. Does everyone else have that?? I am not complaining because I didn't fly 7 hours not to be restricted. I just didn't realize how different it would be. Before I got my fill I could eat anything. What a shock. I guess it is one of those things you can't warn anyone about or explain how it feels. I kept reading different comments about how they can't eat in the morning or how fickle the band was but until I experienced it I didn't have a clue. Oh, and I have lost 6 lbs since I got home and I had not lost for two months before I went!!

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