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Non Scale Victory - NSV

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Hi everyone! I was just on Ashley's page writing a comment to her, and realized something. So, I decided to share....

So I am pretty involved in this awesome consignment sale, Take 2. I've been doing it for 3 years now. I have items in the sale, volunteer, and SHOP LIKE A MAD WOMAN!!!!! Seriously, my dear hubby cringes twice a year because I go a wee bit over board.....wub.gif

The first year I was a volunteer, I broke my time up. They have 4 hour time slots. Why did I break the times up....let me tell ya! It was simply because I could not be on my feet for that long. My puppies would hurt! (puppies aka feet)

This year, I did not even think about that until I was really thinking about the sale. (Commenting on Ashley's page.) Before I would have carefully planned out my time spent. What is embarassing is I would have made a lame excuse about limiting the babysitting time or something like that instead of the truth, that I was to heavy to handle the full time at once.

So yesterday, I stood in line for an hour before I even got inside to shop, then I shopped for 2 hours. Spent another 30 minutes talking to my friend who was shopping. After I went home, fixed dinner, and showed off my haul! Woo ya! Let me tell ya! I got a huge haul. Let's say I loaded my car and part of hubbys truck! Ha!

Today, I am going to volunteer. When I was pushing the upper 200's, I would have NEVER shopped one day and worked the following. That would have been to much for my body to handle. I am feeling so much freedom from my weight and I have lost 1/2 of my goal weight set my Dr. Miranda. Living life is great, and I have so much time to focus on it rather than plan my time like I had been.

I am so grateful for my band and for being able to live a full life! (and to think, it will get even better from here!!!!)

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First of all I found it! yeahhh

Second, it is so funny sometimes how you can look at things that you really honestly thought would not be such a big thing and it turns out to be huge! Angie that is a huge accomplishment and yes it is horrible when you have to make excuses for things when you know you are making them to make yourself feel better. This is such a freedom you have broke through!

Congrats on your puppies not barking at you!!!!!!!!!!!


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Carrie and Kristi - thanks! It is really big. I worked my toochie off last night. Lifting, organizing, carrying heavy large items. I did wonderfully! I worked up a sweat and it was fun. All the other volunteers pooped out and I finished strong. Finishing strong made me feel good too. .

I even helped a diabetic who was in trouble with her blood sugar. I knew what to do because the disease runs in our family, which was another reason why I wanted to change my life! She snapped out of it in about 20 minutes. Anyway, it was another reminder of what I am working for. I love how this band gives me gifts everyday!

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