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Advice needed. I'm new

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Hey guys this is carrie, aka my new life, my friend Brit has been researching a few doctors, she is pretty set with going with dr. Rodriquez in tj, but is needing some feedback about this doctor, good or bad? Versus our doctor, dr. Ortiz, she would also like any advice in gettingthe band in general, dos? Donts? Regrets? Accomplishments? Advice in general you may have for her. And what to expect, thanks carrie and Brit

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Well I can't say anything pro or con about Dr. Rodriguez, but when I researched getting the band in Mexico, I kept coming back to Dr. Ortiz and the OCC, mostly because I saw nothing but positive about him and his abilities, plus he's written a book on lapbands and was involved in the development of them with a doctor in Belgium. He's done thousands of them, I believe. I'm sure there are lots of great doctors, and Dr. Rodriguez may be one of them, but I was sold on Dr. Ortiz after everything I read about him. I also found out after I'd paid and scheduled surgery that a co-worker had gone to him too and raved about him--she's lost 60 pounds and is at her goal weight btw! I don't think you can go wrong with him.

On this forum, you're probably going to see mostly positive, because from what I've read here, most everyone is happy with their surgery, the OCC, and Dr. Ortiz.

The only advice I would give about getting a lapband in general is, don't expect it to do all the work. I got banded in January and have had four fills. I still don't have good restriction. Getting the band is a major money and time commitment and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're willing to use all the willpower you have and willing to be patient. I am glad I did it and don't regret it, but I am a little disappointed it is taking so long for me to get some restriction and I've been maintaining my 20 lb weight loss on willpower alone. Hopefully, with my next fill I'll have good restriction and some help from the band.

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Hey Ladies, I can not say enough about by experience....it has been life changing. It is the best thing I have ever done or myself. I also looked at Dr. Dr. Rodriguez, but when I found out my own doctor and her sister went to Dr. Ortiz, I was sold. She could not say enough about Dr. O and the clinic. I also did LOTS of research on Dr. O and found him to be the best choice for me. Like Jill said, (by the way I was banded with Jill in Jan.) he has done tons of surgeries and help developed the band. I also send tons of questions to them and they answered each and everyone of the. He has a very good track record - I asked questions like...infection rate, fatality rate, percent of slippage, etc. All were the right answers.

I have had 1 fill at OCC and have lost about 48lbs now. I researched the band for about 4 year before I actually got the opportunity to do it. With that said....I was ready...in the head. My mind was made up that I was going to do this thing. That has always been my battlefield...making my mind up to do it. I have had an easy time changing my mindset and following the rules. Now that is a miracle!

The surgery, clinic and meeting some great people along the way, has been great!!!

Hope this helps!

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