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If anybody from Alberta has been banded at OCC and been reimbursed by AHC do you bring the form with you or do you fill it out when you get back???

I got banded at the OCC, but no luck on the reimbursement. It also doesn't seem to be tax deductable. However it was still the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Fills are pretty good here in Calgary. Went and got my third yesterday.

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I got money back from AHC as well. I just filled all the info in myself and included a receipt. I did get a doctors note before I went saying it would benefit my health and included that just in case :)

I also included it in my taxes and got money back ((sorry I dont remember how much)).

My private insurance paid the rest, but that doesnt happen often.

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I also got reimbursed by the Province ..... I had OCC email me a copy of the OR Report & the receipt and I completed the Out of Country claim form and sent it all off. I got about $1700 back and then claimed the remainder on my Income Tax - which I got about $7000/$8000 back. I was asked by the Gov't of Canada for my documents (I knew it'd happen) and they reassessed my claim and I had to pay about $100 back to them because they capped the fill amounts. Also, if you can get your doctor to write you up a note stating its medically necessary you should be ok -- I didn't have one but in their letter they made mention of it. Keep your fill receipts! I claimed it in the fall of 2008 and income tax in April 2009 .... I honestly had no issues and the person I was in contact with the Gov't of AB was great to deal with! Oh they wanted a breakdown on the blood work that we had done at OCC but I didn't pursue it further ..... I didn't ask for it and just let it go - I was happy to get the $1700 back! ;0

Good luck! You can always call the Out of Country claims department with the gov't and see what else you need!

Alana :)

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