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Back for some support ... its been a while!

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Hey all!!!

Its been too long since I've been active on this forum but I need some help and advice! Its been almost 2 years since I've been banded, lost some weight but gained a baby instead! I only gained about 10 pounds (and 5lbs of that was Kate!) while pregnant and while I haven't seen the scale go down lately, my clothes are getting bigger so I know I'm losing inches. I don't want to go for another fill as I feel like its almost too full at the moment - I can get most foods down, others I can't.

What does everyone do when they hit a plateau? I've started to exercise now that the snow has melted so Kate, Beans & I go out for a walk every day. I'm back to work early from Mat Leave and just find I don't have lots of time to exercise like I'd like. Do you decrease your food intake to kind of "jump start" the weight loss again? What I've just started to do is cut out all junk food (but I'm a sucker for a chocolate bar every now and then.... I know, its bad) and keep my calorie intake low but just wondering what people can tell me what to do to get off this plateau! I've also started counting calories on myfitnesspal.com which seems to be helping but I need some extra help and some support.... I've got 80 pounds left that I'd like to lose but would be happy with 60 ..... And I want it all gone before November when I head back to Florida for an early Christmas with the family!

If anyone has any ideas how to get off the plateau I'd love to hear it! Thanks everyone!

Alana :)

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