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Cost of surgery

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[[SIZE=7]FONT=Courier]Hi i recently found out about this surgery, ive talked to doctors and they have hightly reccomended this surgery for me. How ever my family doesnt have $10,000 to shell out. Were not that financial stable. Does anyone know of ANY type of help that i could get to help pay for my surgery!!!??? I want this surgery soooo bad, im 16, 4ft 11in. and i am pushing 230lbs.!!! Life isnt great when your overweight, as im sure most of you know! Please help me!!!!!!![/font][/size] :(

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The only "help" that I know about is a surgery loan. You can try and get your insurance (your parents) to cover it in the US or you can get some information at www.lendingtree.com or www.surgeryloans.com for surgery loans. They are fair and low rates. other than that I don't think there is any charitable donation type foundations. GOOD LUCK!!!

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