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Gaining weight... but not really


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I'm scheduled for my Lapband surgery on Oct 1st so I haven't started my pre-op diet as of yet. My son just started preschool last week so I was able to get in some gym time on those days. Now I'm getting a little worried. I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 5 lbs since I last weighed myself which was Aug 12th. My experience with working out shows that once you start turning fat into muscle, the numbers on the scale will start to go up. I know it doesn't mean I'm getting fatter, but I'm worried that when I go for my surgery I might weigh more even though I've lost inches. Is this something that they take into account? I did take my measurements the same day I started working out but those numbers were never on my health survey. Anyone have this same "problem" before their surgery?

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