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Why have I stopped losing weight ?

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You body has adjusted to your routine. Shake it up a little. Eat more for a few days to "ramp up" your metabolism, Drink more water, and are you exercising? Remember calories in calories out.

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I have tried to change a few things but nothing. I will lose 3 -5 lbs and WHAM it come back ! my body is pissing me off ! 3 months of summer and I have lost nothing, ok not nothing 5lbs but i should have lost at least 25lbs ! Arrrg !

Enchanted piano , why the sleeve do you have the band ?

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do you know if you may need a fill? how is your restriction? how is your water intake? what kind of things are you eating? there is a bunch of things that can factor in on the plateau. do a food journal livestrong.com or myfitnesspal.com are good. and take a good look at what you're eating. step up your workout.. good luck friend. hope you get through the plateau

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