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Hi friends!! Sorry I have been MIA my life has been kinda crazy right now. I am finally able to say that I hit my goal weight!!! I am almost 2 years out (in Oct) and it look a long time to get that last bit off but I finally did it!! Now i'm gonna work on some more toning.

To all those that are just starting your journey I sooo remember being in your shoes it feels like yesterday. Don't regret my decision one bit it has changed my life. One reason my life is so busy is becuase I started classes to become certified as a personal trainer. I'm so excited and can't wait to get started with it! Still running just did a race last weekend and am training for a 6 mile race in Oct.

Sorry i've been out of the loop but will try to get in here more often. I do get in and read from time to time and love seeing everyone's progress!! Glad to see everyone is doing well!!

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Congrats!!! I am soooo happy and proud of you! Not only have you reached your goal and lost your weight - you've changed your life. You are going to be an amazing personal trainer - you have such insight to the needs of those of us who are or have been overweight. And you're such a caring and positive person, you are going to make a big differance and change peoples lives for the better!

This is just the start of a new journey, you finished one and it was hard I watched you struggle at times. But you made as I knew you would and now you're on to another - can't wait to see where that brings you!

Congrats again!


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Ohmigoodness, what great news to log onto!

Shelby, Congrats, Congrats Congrats. You have worked so hard to accomplish your goals. How exciting to be going for your Certification to become a personal trainer. I agree with Lisa, you are going to make an exceptional personal trainer.

I also look forward to seeing how your next race goes. Very good stuff!

Hugs to you,


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Thanks so so much that means a lot from each and every one of you!!!! I really really appreciate it!!! I am nervous to go back to class it is a lot to take in, but it is so interesting and I hope I can help others that have had weight problems like me. I know in the past when I've tried to go to the gym it was hard to have someone try to help me that never had a weight problem. So I hope I can be someone they can relate to.

Thanks again!! You all have helped me so much even the folks that were banded way after me you still give me lots of inspiration!!!

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