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September 17th Surgeries

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I was banded September 17th and am just wondering how everyone else who had surgery the same day is doing. How is the recovery? How's the liquid diet going? Incisions okay?

Hi Olygrl,

I am doing well, and really tired of eating only liquids!. Incisions are doing well. The large one itches a little, but they are all healing well. I find my energy comes and goes and sometimes I need to just "crash" for part of the day (or on the weekend, all day). I was trying to limit my liquid calories to 800-1000 a day, but found I was way too irritable and that I loose more on a higher amount. I am trying 1000-1200 a day now. A little nervous about "bandster hell" because I know I am a re-bounder after dieting. I plan to start yoga classes at the same time I start eating solids (on Friday).

How are you?

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