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Less than 35 BMI

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with the topic if you were less than 35 BMI. I am 5'1" and 170 pounds. I have a small frame and at this point I look like a tree stump. I have scoliosis that is getting worse with the extra weight and also my feet are getting heel spurs from walking and arms going numb at times from the carpel tunnel that is exacerbated by the weight. I would be willing to pay cash for my surgery but worry about check-ups if not in my state. I tried at the OSU but they would not consider less than 35BMI.

Thanks for any responses. :ph34r:

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I was banded in Mexico by Dr. Ortiz and I had a BMI of 33.7. There was never any questions as to band or not to band.

Who told you that you can't have a band at 35 bmi? Someone in the states I presume? I would check into Dr. Ortiz and Mexico doctors. However, in doing this route you are looking at self paying rather than insurance paying (anywhere from about 8k-10k)

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I was banded on March 2nd 2005. I was 5'5" and weighed 185, my BMI was 32 on the day of surgery. Today (5 weeks later) I weighed 169!! I can't believe 16 pounds are gone already!! I do agree that in the long run the band does "work slower" with lower BMI patients, but it is a great tool!!! In response to your concern about local care, you should definetely call around and find a local, or fairly close, doctor that will be willing to see you if you have problems or when you need a fill. Hopefully there will continue to be more and more US doctors that will help with follow-up care on Mexican banded patients!


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