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Experiemcing pain 1 - 3 hours after eating...Help!

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Hi there,

I have been experiencing a burning pain in my mid-section several hours after eating (3 different times now over 1 month). I was banded Sept. 3rd and had my first fill on Oct.8th. The first time I experienced this I had eaten sushi w/ wasabi. The wasabi didn't seem all that spicy so I ate it with each bite. 20 minutes later I thought I would die! Then, yesterday afternoon, I had some pineapple fried rice with sweet Thai chili sauce. After I got home, over an hour later, I felt a lot of burning discomfort! I had not had any problem eating and was fine driving home too. Tonight I had cheese and crackers for dinner- (sweet Thai chili flavored cheese) and a lean cuisine w/ a little pepper jack mixed in. That was at 7:30. It is now nearly midnight and I have been awoken by the familiar burning pain and nausea too . I am guessing that this means I must now avoid spicy foods. How sad for me! Can anyone offer any advice or share similar experiences with me? As a newbie, I'm a little scared.

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Ive heard some people have to watch spicy foods after banding, and this may be the case with you. my suggestion is to avoid spicy food for a month, and then try it once more. if the discomfort appears, then you know its a direct link and you should avoid it.

I went thru a period where I got really horrible, doubled-over stomach pain after eating dairy. Thought I'd be off dairy for life, but gave it a month or so, and tried again, and its fine. Now i eat cottage cheese or greek yogurt at least once a day with no discomfort whatsoever.

If you get this discomfort eating something other than spicy food, like a sorta blah meal such as pork loin, steamed broccoli, and some rice, then it may not be the spiciness at all but another issue, and then I'd suggest calling Dr So or even your regular doctor.

There have been cases of bandsters developing GERD (burning sensation in esophagus).


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