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Plication Nov. 29

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To the three others who had plications Nov. 29....I'm wondering how you all are recovering and would love to hear about your experiences this week.

I'm feeling really good but have had some minor ups and downs mostly due to having to relearn my stomach and the new sensations it produces. On Wednesday when I traveled home I felt slightly weakened, but made it home without incident. I was very tired but felt fine. The following day I felt AMAZING! As a nurse I should have known better...but I went ahead and overdid it. I worked (from home) all day, walked my dog twice (1 mile each time) and completely misinterpreted the stomach sensations as hunger. Needless to say I paid the price the next day with sharp stomach pains and spasms. My biggest mistake was that I thought I needed something more than clear fluids because of all of the stomach gyrations. I ate some pureed "cream of..." soup and a bit of drinkable yogurt....went back to clears the next two days. Yesterday I had a bit of pureed soup and drinkable yogurt in the evening and felt fine.

I'm still experiencing sharp and pinching pains in my stomach and the gyrations that feel like hunger. If I sit down and rest the sharp pains go away. I wonder how much is actual stomach pain and how much is abdominal muscle pain due to the laparoscopy...time will tell. The gyrations, I have found, pass fairly quickly with patience. They seem to be occurring less frequently and with less intensity each day.

I begin four days of traveling cross-country tomorrow and am concerned about what I'll eat. I'm going to take my immersible blender with me. The inability to carry liquids from home onto the plane presents a problem for my all day flying tomorrow. The good thing is that I certainly don't require much volume so should be able to figure something out.

I'd love to hear from you and hope you are recovering well!


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Hubby and I had Plication on Nov 17. He recovered very well even after the first day.. I had alot of nausea, stomach cramps and gas for at least 4 days. It got better slowly over the next week. Now we are 18 days post-op and feeling great! 3 more days until we can resume exercising. Don't overdo it soon after surgery (ie: heavy lifting... WALKING only! Do as much walking as you can though to reduce nausea and gas. And remember to drink lots of clear liquids! I felt worse when dehydrated. 4 more days until soft diet! WOOHOO! Cream soups do get old... but we are both determined to make this work so are following Dr Miranda's very closely. Good Luck! Keep in touch if you have any other questions!

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I am 4 days out of surgery. I am so sick of broth and not eating real food, this is going to be a long 3 weeks. How long does the pain at the stomach last for? Even if I drink water I have this pain and constant burping.

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