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Band Concerns

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I have had my band for 2 years. This last year has been terrible with numerous unrelated surgeries. I am having lots of difficulty with holding food down. Basically I throw up every day and now having acid issues as soon as I lay down. I have been to so many doctors and have so many medical bills I am reluctant to go. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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This very same thing happened to me. I have had my band since July 2008 and this year have had a couple of unrelated surgeries. In September I started with the throwing things up and acid reflux at night to the point I would wake up choking. I went to OCC the first week in October and Dr. So completely unfilled my band. It had not slipped, but was inflamed due to all the vomiting. Now at Thanksgiving I ended up in the ER with vomiting and severe stomach pains. Many x-rays, ultrasounds, and a HIDA scan later, I am having my gallbladder taken out on Tuesday. So now I am wondering how much of the acid reflux was band related or gallbladder related. I will wait til after the first of the year when everything settles down and go back in for a fill. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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