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I recently got my second fill and feel better restriction. im at 6cc and just wondering about everyones eating habits.

Im not sure when to really stop eating. I know to start with protein, then veggies, then starch. but do you stop when your begining to feel full or untill you think of portion/ calorie amount is sufffient? does anyone snack between meals or do the strictly do 3 meals?

Im intersted in tips for meals.

thanks everyone

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I stop eating when I'm done eating what's on my plate. So the decision making starts the moment you put the food on your plate. make sure the amount you put on your food is reasonable. There are also times where my bad gets ahead of me and I can't continue eating what I threw on my plate even if it a small amount. I can usually only do protein then veggies and very very little starch.

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I am new in such forums and hope te get much information then I will share.Well what I do is I pick up enough for me and which is acording to my diet plan and calory chat.secondly when it is finished i do not eat until its not the right time(means untill i m not hungry)beacause for me dieting is not consist of starving but right and clean food.you can say that when I feel I am full i just pull my hands from plate.

hope it is enough will look for more................

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