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Plication or Band

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I was leaning towards the Band, but after reading more about Plication I am leaning toward it now.

What are the Pros and Cons of Each?



The plication is less invasive and no fills. google it Gastric Plication. I am having mine Feb.28th. in Montreal.Tomorrow I start my pre-op. optifast. I am ready to kick but. Doris QC.

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I too originally planned on getting the band but soon realized that plication is a much better option for me, although there are lots of people who have had success with the band. The band seems to have a high rate of slippage, which is basically when a part of the lower stomach gets caught up in the band. This can cause all sorts of problems. Many people on this site who have had the band are now going back to have revision surgery. The band also has lots of food intolerances and things like sliming and or throwing up. The plication has zero food intolerances and there is not an issue of slippage or sliming. Plication is less invasive than say, gastric bypass or VSG, but has the same weight loss which is an awesome plus! I am scheduled to have the plication done at OCC with Dr. Ortiz on Wednesday, so I'll let you know how it goes! Good luck with your decision.

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