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Throwing up in the middle of the night

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Since my last fill I have noticed that in the middle of the night I start coughing and then have to get up to throw up. I have to sleep with my head propped up. Has anyone else experienced this?

My opinion is your too tight. If you can't swallow your own spit at night, your too tight. I've seen this happen before.

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This is exactly what happened to me and my band was too tight. I went in and Dr. So completely unfilled it and told me that it was slightly inflamed. I had to go on the liquid diet for 5 days and take Maalox to help with the inflamation. I was suppose to go back about 6 weeks later, but then I had issues with my gall bladder and ended up having to have surgery to remove the gall bladder. I just recently went back at the end of January and had my fill put back in and everything looked fine. I would suggest you not wait and make an appointment with your fill doctor.

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