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Flying after Surgery


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I'm new to this forum. I've schedule a gastric plication for March 18th which is a Friday. I plan on flying back home on Monday the 21st and was concerned about getting on an airplane so soon after surgery. I've heard you should not fly for at least 10 days due to blood clotting risks or possible deep vein thrombosis. My flight back will take 4 hours and I'm a bit anxious about complications.

Can anyone respond to this matter? Did the doctors prescribe any blood thinners such as tylenol to take for the flight home or take any other precautions?

Thanks in advance.

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Many (actually, most) of us involved a much longer flight than 4 hours (that sounds like a DREAM to me, as mine was about 4x longer).

No prescriptions were given.

I do believe we're concidered very low risk for blood clotting, unless you have a tendency prior.

I would also assume it's dependent on your current health connection, including weight and blood pressure.

Also, Tylenol is NOT a blood thinner.

Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Narcotic pain killers can be blood thinners, however, the pain you'll be experiencing after surgery won't really require any of those.

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