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Stuffing/ Soft Bread


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Had my plication surgery Jan 27, 2011. Bread products were not on my list of recommended soft foods. Things that were on my list were things that very easy to chew, and high in protein, things like salmon, tuna, diced chicken(when Isay diced, I mean cut into very tiny pieces). One day I really wanted a sandwich, and realized bread is a carb(so obvious right???......lol) which my digestive system would convert to sugar. Then the day came when I craved that sandwich, probably cause it was on the best for me not to eat list. So I got a piece of lettues, and built a sandwich using the lettuse in place of the bread. I was surprised this worked for my sandwich fix. If you're not sure about what to eat, you could email the Nutritionist, and ask how best to determine what are good choices and what are not the best choices. I feel like how an addict refers to these best not to eat foods....................I just tell myself for today, I'm not going to eat whatever it is I want. Rather than saying I'll never have 'whatever it is' again'. Much easier on my brain, mind to stay focused on today. Cheers, K:)

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