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Does anybody have over 9cc's in their band?

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I just had a fill yesterday . Now I have 9.8cc's in my band. I hope I will feel some restriction now. Just wondering if anyone else has a large amount in their band. Does anyone know how much fluid total can be added? The doctor who did my fill said after 9cc's there is a higher chance of adhesions. Kind of worried about that .

Thanks so much,

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I HAVE had over 9CC in my 11cc band and I was miserable. I am now back to around 8cc. I think it really just depends on how YOU feel. I think if your body was causing issues you would certainly know it. I tend to really swell a lot whenever I get fills and it takes at least 3-4 weeks for me to feel back to normal

I think as long as you ease into it you'd be ok. The doctor I went to was over aggressive in his filling, so I found a new one. I do think how tight he had it when it was over 9cc that it was causing me problems and I only had it like that for about 5 days.

just listen to your body.

I would also recommend that if you're not losing weight the way you want, that you take another look at what it is you're eating.

Even with the band at over 9cc the only weight I lost was water weight because my restriction was so tight I couldn't hydrate my body.

increase protein although that's the last thing you want to do with the band, you really have to make yourself get enough protein.

I ALWAYS stop losing weight if I don't get enough protein and not enough water.

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