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What about Us?

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I am going to start out by saying that I am very happy for everyone who lost the weight, and got the expected results.

But what about Us? Where are the people who didn't lose the weight? What about those of us who followed the plan to the letter, and never lost anything? I lost most of my weight during pre-op and very little during the liquids phase. I lost a few pounds over the next few months, was told to just take my time and not rush this, and that I should remember sometimes it takes more time for some people.

I stopped losing after 45lbs. No amount of eating all the right things, and all the right portions could help. Exercise was a 3x a week thing, but still barely a budge on the scale. After a year and a few months I was so disappointed that I stopped caring. Apparently, this just wasn't meant to be. Where are all the people who felt like the surgery did not provide the aid that it should have?

I stopped coming to the forum because it hurt to read all of these posts about hitting the 50/75/100 lbs mark... What about me? I want that too, but no matter what I did... it just wasn't happening.

In July of 2010, I was put on steroids and muscle relaxers for a severe case of Sciatica. All the doctors told me it was muscular, and I ended up on muscle relaxers and pain killers as a 3x a day regiment with no relief of pain. Between July and December I had 5(2 week) treatments of oral steroids, in January I had emergency surgery because a doctor FINALLY did a CT Scan and found a disc so badly herniated that 24 hours before surgery, I lost all function of my left leg. The next 3 months... more steroids and more pain killers. My neurosurgeon told me (very politely) that I needed to lose some weight. Between July and January I had gained 50lbs. The surgeon was appalled at the length of time I was on muscle relaxers, and broke down why the weight gain was so extreme. Basically, as he put it, When you are on muscle relaxers at the strength I was on, for as long as I was, the lean muscle in your body stops metabolizing properly and weight gain is inevitable. That combined with the steroids, he said he is surprised I didnt gain more. I have no idea how to give this band a second chance. I NEED this now more then ever. I do not have the money to go to the OCC for help, and its $350 for me to just get an adjustment here in AZ. With the back surgery I ended up on state funded insurance and they aren't helping. It is $500 to join a support group because I wasn't banded in the states.

What now?

Where are the people who are in need of help?

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First let me say thank you for posting. Not all of us have great success (or what we think of as great success) and in some cases the docts oversell what these tools can do. Now - Dr. Ortiez is pretty good at setting expectations and is a realist and does tell you up front that you will probably not lose all your desired weight - it's usually about 65% - but it varies with which procedure you choose.

That said there are alot of folks who have/had problems. I have been banded for almost 10 years and am getting a revision in July - and have heard some pretty amazing stories - both good and bad.

But back to you. You have suffered some pretty horrific setbacks but you are still hanging in there. You are reaching out for help - and hopefully some of us can give you bits of advice that will work.

First - get your leg/back fixed and get back to being healthy so that your health and wellness are in place. Hopefully you are off those steriods...talk about something that will cause you grief!

Now - time to see if your tool/band can start working for you again. It worked before - maybe not as fast as you would like, but it can work again. If not - then start researching what else might work. Is this something you want to try again - I guess you need to decide that.

Most of us faced the same stigma of not having our surgery in the US - for various reason - but the docs in Mexico will work with you - I went back one or two times a year for floro and fills - so that I had it right (that is about what you spent in the support group maybe??). When is the last time you had a floro - is your band giving you restriction, are you hungrey, eating the proper amounts..you just have to bite the bullet (small bites lol) and start writing down everything that goes into your mouth. Maybe it is going to be a bit harder for you - but don't give up!

And last - talk to your doctors. I must have spent hours on and off talking to the docs - asking for advice - trying what they suggested and then when it didn't work..trying something else. Finally listening to them - understanding that my pouch is stretched, will not work and I need to do something different (or have the band removed - wait several months and re-band but truthfully I don't want to do the whole fill thing again)

Don't give up on yourself...or us...


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this topic is months old, but I'll just throw in my 2 cents...I had success with Weight Watchers before my band...honestly, it was rough because I did feel hungry a lot of the time. My plan is to go back on my WW 'diet' now that I have the band. It is lifestyle...one of the reasons I feel off the WW bandwagon was simply out of laziness...you know, who has time to prepare a fresh healthy meal when you've had a long day at work...and then you hit the drive thru. I'm embarrassed by my past laziness. Look where it got me. Anyway...I have found the meeting I will go to, I will track all my food and exercise...and my hope is that with the band I won't feel the hunger as much and having gone with the extreme commitment of surgery, I will be dedicated to not just a diet to lose 40 pounds...but to a ~real~ lifestyle change, forever. And not quit at 40 pounds, but continue on to a healthy goal weight. I really love these message boards, they empower me everyday. Thanks!

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Hi PadresGrrl,

I'm thinking about doing WW also and wonder how the point system will work for us as I suspect the amount of food we will physically be able to eat will be much less than the daily points we're allowed. What are your thoughts? Thank you!

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